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Kate is heading off to visit her mum, it has been a long time since she had seen her but she is determined that today is going to be a nice day. When she arrives she realises that her mother is gravely ill and that her step father, who she has an at-best, fractious relationship with, has omitted to tell her what is happening. Kate is transgender and we flash back to when she was a little boy and a young man and see that she had a close loving relationship with her mum. After a long awaited argument, Kate finally gets what she wants, some precious time with her mum.

Trans Casting

Our central character Kate, is transgender and it was very important for us to cast trans actors for the three stages of life where we meet Kate: In the present; as a young boy, Andrew, and a young man. With the help of the charity Mermaids we found a wonderful actor, Joe who plays little Andrew aged 9. And Older Andrew is played by Ash Palmisciano a trans actor, presenter and activist.

Mums make films

90% of the crew were female. In an industry that talks a lot about women in film, we're very proud to have made a short with a predominantly female crew, many of whom were mothers to young children (we were lucky enough to have access to such talent because of a combination of being on maternity leave and the fact that it’s hard to go back into the industry when bringing up young children). We even ran a crèche!